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the case that the best defense is a better economy. >> in battle ground virginia both president obama and mitt romney pulled out the heavy artillery. romney slammed the president for the defense cuts coming at the end of the year. >> it is still a troubled and dangerous world and the idea of cutting our military commitment by a trillion over this decade is unthinkable. and devastating. and when i become president of the united states, we will stop it. i will not cut our commitment to our military. >> the president once again blasted romney's hidden camera comments on the 47% of americans he dubbed victims of government dependence. >> i don't think we can get very far with heed lookers who write-off half the nation as a bunch of victims who never take responsibility for their own lives. >> 47% people of the people -- >> the obama campaign turned romney's remarks into a devastating new ad playing the words under the faces of families and veterans. >> and they will vote for this president no matter what. so my job is not worry about those people. they should take personal responsibility.
's virginia where both men targeted the same group of voters. let's walk over to cnn's naon political correspondent jim acosta who's been out on the campaign trail wahingt' going . another dramatic da. virginia, virginia, virginia. pretty important place. >> that's right. a rare visit to washington for me. but it's good to be home, wolf. all politics is local. so it was no surprise to hear both candidates hit on national security themes today in their speeches in virginia. but the state is much bigger than that. it's really a republican firewall for mitt romney. in battleground virginia, both president obama and mitt romney pulled out the heavy artillery before a group of veterans, romney slammed the president for the massive defense cuts part of the fiscal cliff coming at the end of the year. >> it is still a troubled and dangerous world. and the idea of cutting our military commitment by a trillion dollars over this decade is unthinkable. and devastating. and when i become president of the united states, we will stop it. i will not cut our commitment to our military. >> the presiden
. these are stes in the sun belt, florida, virginia, north carolina, the southeast, corado, new mexico in the southwest that had generally been relelpublican being moved toward the democrats bya combination of more diversity, more minorities and more upscale whites. what's fascining, wolf, is that when this election began it looked like president obama was better positioned in those sun belt swing states because they more reflect his national coalition, but in fact today he's doing better in those rust belt swing states which are more of a headache for romney because the president is simply running better among the bluer older whites who are very prevalent in those states, he's running better in the midwest among theoters than he is anywhere else. >> is that in part because of the car industry? the ao itrye helped bailout gm and chrysler? >> clearly that's part. one, in other parts of the country are evangelical christians very strongly republican les a factor in the midst, but certainly th auto bailout is important. and just the message. at is t case thahey have tried to make tt mitt
. >> reporter: ann romney was in one of those targeted states, virginia. urging voters to turn the reigns on the economy over to her husband. >> so let's talk some horse sense. barack obama said four years ago, if i can't turn this economy around after three and a half years, i'm looking at a one-term presidency. [ cheers and applause ] well, it's our turn to turn the economy around. and i know mitt can do it. >> reporter: now, there could be some trouble looming for mitt romney if that unemployment rate ticks below 8%. that's the number that he has said the president cannot beat. but the romney campaign does see an opening in the economy. something they plan to drill down on as one advisor put it for the next 60 days, wolf. >> he's wrapped up at least for now several intensive days getting ready for the three debates, the presidential debates, in october, is that right, jim? >> reporter: that's right. he was basically in seclusion this week, wolf. he only came out of his debate prep with ohio senator rob portman playing the role of barack obama for a couple small events. he didn't even t
focusing in on virginia. cnn's national political correspondent, jim acosta is standing by. but let's go to our chief white house correspondent, jessica l yellin, first. jessica, how did the democrats feel after their convention this week? >> reporter: hi, wolf. well, the democrats have clearly received the news of the jobs numbers as unwelcome news. it put a damper on the convention, and seeing it as a sign that the president has been unable to turn around a persistently weak economy. and they know that won't go over well. but still, they are cheered by the outcome of the convention. not only by mrs. obama's speech and president clinton's speeches, which we've focused on, but also on the last night of the convention, which they seem really as a testament to the president's leadership, with the goal being making the president, the man, and the office so synonymous, that voters would not be able to mention anyone else in the oval office. clearly, they're hopeful that since the weak economy has persisted and the race has remained tied, that the voters' view of the president as a leader w
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in ohio or florida or virginia, some of these battleground states? >> that's why i looked at the numbers, how do you feel among the middle class? how do you feel voters above 50,000, it's mostly in the suburbs, that's what i looked at. wolf makes a great point. in the last two months national polls are helpful but you're better off studying state polls. you conduct the nbc "the wall street journal" poll, what in the national poll is helpful when they think maybe live in wisconsin, ohio, what's happening where i live? >> looking for the dynamics. that is who represents me, who do i care about, et cetera. who can do the job that i want to have done? related to the economy in terms of moving the country forward. that's the first thing you look at. second thing you look at is constituencie constituencies. i think you have to be able to look at white suburban women. that's where it's going to come back around to. and you look at that, that's pretty darn close right now. >> white suburban women critical in north carolina, critical in suburbs just about everywhere. look at that map, florida as
. the democrats had a good convention. governor romney had some missteps last week. look at a new virginia poll today, six-point race there. the debates will matter. with 49 days out, joe, you don't have a day to waste. every time governor romney's explaining himself especially something he said back in may -- >> here's the problem. it reinforces the obama narrative about mitt romney, which is that he's rich and he's out of touch with the middle class. and he doesn't care about people like you. when he says things like this to a big fundraiser, right. >> he will argue it's inelegant. and he's going to have to explain what he means by that. but to gloria's point it takes the obama narrative a step forward. this is what the democrats will do, they have said he doesn't care about you, here they're going to say he's disdainful of you. >> we have to go. one other question for you, in an age of twitter, facebook, bloggers, does a candidate really have an expectation of privacy privacy that this kind of thing that gets out -- >> ask barack obama. any politician today who thinks they're at an off the r
and look at the state of virginia. the president, this is a must-win for governor romney. he can get to the presidency without virginia, but it is hard. the president, this is a compilation of several polls showing the president ahead there. you've been talking to jim acosta in florida, wolf, that's the last one i'll pull up. toif make room for it. the president also seems to be edging ahead in florida. i want to caution everybody, in most of these cases the president has a three-point, four-point, maybe five-point lead. that means it's very close. if you look at the electoral map and you're the romney campaign, you're figuring you need to win most of these states. the president can give up and still get to 270. for governor romney the path is more difficult. when you're behind a littlen colorado, ohio, michigan, wisconsin, blind e behind in florida, you can do the math at home. that means governor romney's task is much harder. >> he's speaking at a rally right now in sarasota, florida. let's listen in. >> you've got to find a way to pay for it, so you raise taxes by $500 billion. bu
. obama 50%, romney 43%. florida and virginia the same. obama 49%, romney 44%. if obama takes those three states, that's it. >> if you look at the national polls post both conventions, there seems to be undeniably the up tick for president. if you look at the poll -- 10% more democrats than republicans. they think it's somewhat out of balance they do acknowledge the president is ahead in ohio. you can see this. the president got some bouts. we can argue over how much. and here's the thing for mitt romney with 50 days left you're going into the last 50 days of the campaign. you can change one state. if you're good, z five points is not so much. but if you have to change four or five points in florida, three points here, two points there, then it gets complicated. he needs a national change in the dynamic which means he needs a very strong debate performance. >> there will be three debates and candy you'll be moderating. do those debates really, really change the final few weeks of a campaign? >> they certainly can. sometimes you see that it's already set. but they certainly can. and in any
, north carolina, virginia, colorado and nevada. it is a must for president obama to energize hispanic voters, inspire them to go out to the polls so that he can maintain that lead that he has in the polls over mitt romney, wolf. as you know, back in 2004, george w. bush, then the incumbent, did uncharacteristically well with hispanics for a republican and that was key to keeping him in the white house. >> certainly was. thanks very much, brianna keilar, over at the white house. >>> serious deadly civil war, up close, rare reporting from inside the capital of damascus. our own nic robertson was there. >>> plus, disturbing new details of the deadly attack that killed the united states ambassador. we're going to get them straight. the new information coming in from libya's prime minister. all? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola, droid does. get $100 off select motorola 4g lte smartphones like
is leaning his way. you have north carolina right now as a toss-up, as is virginia, another state. but the president can afford to lose this. governor romney can't. we can make this stay red. you can get the president to 270 in so many ways. the president can hold nevada. and the president can say, you have the chairman with you. we'll get to this in a moment. then the president would only have to win one of the big ones. and that would get the president over the the line sochlt the president's path to 270 is easier. that doesn't mean it's easy, but it's easier than governor romney. he could lose north carolina. he could lose virginia and still get to 270. if you're the romney campaign, you have to win florida. you have to win ohio. you have to win both north carolina and virginia zblchltd that's a big, big challenge. it's going to be very close. john, thanks very much. certainly as the democrats gather in north carolina, paul ryan appeared just a while ago on the other side of the state arguing americans are not better off than they were four years ago. >> america is better off t
strategists say they're hoping to snatch, north dakota, wisconsin, montana, connecticut, virginia and ohio. what makes the gop road to the senate majority even tougher is that polls show republicans do risk losing two of their own seats. scott brown's in massachusetts. and the one left open in maine by retiring u.s. senator olympia snowe. now, the key according to republican strategists i talked to is not losing those republican seats. but they also say that that is going to be very difficult. and if they don't keep those republican seats, they really are going to have to run the board on the tossup seats now held by democrats. and they say that is going to be a big, big challenge. >> and also a big, big challenge is something a lot of people are talking about is romney and maybe his trouble in some of these key states and how that could potentially hurt down ballot. what are you hearing? >> republican sfrat strategists who i talk to who are in charge of taking control of the senate say it is a problem. especially when you look at wisconsin, virginia and even ohio where mitt romney is simp
, as well as influencing virginia, which is also competitive, and georgia, which is moving along the same continuum, but not quite there. big minority vote, growing college-educated white-collar white vote, and that is what's bringing this state within reach for democrats, even though this is still a difficult fight. >> let me turn to karl rove. this is causing some buzz out there. karl rove, the former bush political strategist, he was at a meeting with some republicans in tampa. a "businessweek" reporter overheard him saying, as far as todd akin, the republican senatorial candidate, everybody's concerned, the republican leadership want him to drop out because of his remarks on rape and abortion, rove was quoted as saying, "we should sink todd akin. if he's found mysteriously murdered, don't look for my whereabouts." now, he was clearly joking and he called todd akin to apologize. todd akin tweeted, i appreciate the call from karl rove, and accept the apology. but others think that karl rove should be poisoned, should be dumped by fox news, shouldn't be allowed to be a political operativ
they automatically -- we assume they translate into florida, into ohio, north carolina, virginia, colorado, these battleground states, can we assume that the bounce that occurred nationally is also taking place in the battleground states? >> no but would be the best answer. no, you can't assume that. what are the polls out of florida, ohio, north carolina, other big battleground states. no, they don't specifically transfer. if the president jumps nationally doesn't mean he's jumping in those states. but you can't move the numbers throughout the poll like these numbers have moved without florida, ohio, north carolina. those three stailt states are in the top ten states in terms of population. it's impossible for the president not to be improving in those lower values. romney insists some of these will fade. they insist it will fade some. but these numbers are alarm figure you're in the romney campaign, national numbers. the key test is when we see the state polls. >> you heard some of romney's pollsters suggesting that this was a sugar high for the democrats and it really is not going to ha
, a teacher from northern virginia college. i have been a blessed child. i had a mom, two moms, and sister and brother that are extraordinary. if i am half as good a dad two kids as my mom and dad have been to me -- >> took that train from washington, d.c. to union station to wilmington, delaware every day. was a long commute. >> did a great event at the train museum, my kids were running around, my dad stopped to look at the trains in green bay. it is part of his journey. he has been on that train back and forth, making sure he comes home at night, tuck us into bed, have dinner, wake up with a bad dream, want to get in bed with him, be there, have a bowl of cereal in the morning. >> look forward to your mom and dad's remarks. the whole family on stage behind me. >> thanks very much. >> the delaware attorney general. we are awaiting the president of the united states. he will be speaking obviously later tonight. what is he going to say? stay with us. [ male announcer ] the perfect photo... [ man ] nice! [ male announcer ] isn't always the one you plan to take. whoa, check it out. hey baby
. at president obama's campaign stop of the day in virginia, there was only one number on his mind. 47%. >> i don't see a lot of victims in this crowd today. >> reporter: for democrats it's been the low hanging fruit of the week, the hidden video of mitt romney talking about the 47% of americans he said were dependent on government. but as the week has made it painfully clear to voters, two can play the gaffe game. take president obama at a candidate's forum in mimeny. >> i've learned some lessons over the last four years. and the most important lesson i've learned is you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. >> reporter: romney aides needily were on the attack. >> the president said he can't change washington from inside, he can only change it from outside. >> what about your gaffes? >> reporter: the debate over gaffes have replaced what both campaigns claimed they've always wanted, an exchange of ideas over substance. >> i'd have to say either this year we set a new record for gaffes, or we're looking harder. it's one or the other. i hope this doesn't
together? and michael in virginia writes, we're lexington, concord and yorktown worth it? it's not our call, jack. if you want to read more on the subject, go to the blog cnn.com/caffertyfile or our post on the "the situation room" facebook page, wolf. >> jack, thank you. >>> shock, condemnation and grief. we're going to hear hillary clinton's rather emotional statement as the embassy crisis unfolds. nual bonus. and everyone, but her... likes 50% more cash. but, i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes how about some cupcakes? yes lollipop? yes! do you want an etch a sketch? yes! do you want 50% more cash? no you got talent. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. with a 50% annual cash bonus it's the card for people who like more cash. what's in your wallet? i usually say that. humans -- sometimes life trips us up. and sometimes, we trip ourselveup, but that's okay. at liberty mutual insurance we can "untrip" you as you go through your life with personalized policies and discounts when you need them most. just call... and speak with a licensed representative about sa
down the eastern seaboard we come to the state of virginia. state the president carried last time a. must-win state for mitt romney this time. a five-point lead for the president. going to sound like a broken record. come down to battleground florida one more time. this is nbc "the wall street journal" a five-point lead for the president. all these battleground states competitive. however, when you look at them you see in the national polls and the backgrounds the president appears to be a little ahead and underscores for you that governor romney is playing from behind heading into the final stretch. >> just want to be clear, john, all these polls were taken before the recent violence that developed in north africa and the middle east. i don't know if we can factor in that. i don't know if that will have an impact one way or another. but i do know and i'm sure you do as well, a lot of republicans are getting a little worried right now. so what does the romney camp ed to do tt.it hown w play out. we'll watch that play out. we'll watch the poll the romney campaign hopes it brings the
. make sure they show up in ohio, virginia, florida, on election day or if there's early elections to make sure they vo. and what he said will energize that base. >> well, if they find out that they're part of the 47%, wolf, it will not energize people. it will not energize retirees who believe they've earned the opportunity to have a better life and retire. it will not energize veterans. it will not energize low income working americans. i don't think mitt romney should be applauded for saying something that insults 47% of the american people. what he said was deplorable, reprehensible and it was shocking. >> i'm not surprise today hear you say that. but i am surprised to a certain degree, david, basically you agree with donna. >> i'm not going to -- candidates make a lot of mistakes under the pressure of the moment. and i think we need a lot of charity for what people say. they are recorded all the time. i can't get through a single day without saying something stupid. and mitt romney is expected to get through an entire two-year campaign without saying anything stupid. that said
state, virginia. >> this has certainly been an interesting juxtaposition we've been watching here in the situation room, brianna. the president of the united states and mitt romney battling it out. and not very far apart in the state of ohio. thanks so much for that. >>> we hear it over and over. no republicans won the white house without winning ohio. we talk about this year's battle for the state is cnn senior political analyst david gergen. david, you look at these two men running for the white house just about 138 miles apart in the all-important state of ohio. one thing our viewers would like to know, i think, is who needs ohio more? the president or mitt romney in this quest for the white house? >> reporter: there's no question about it that mitt romney needs ohio. he cannot -- it's very, very hard to see how he gets to the white house without it, joe. the road to the white house has always been through ohio for republicans, as you say, you don't win unless you get there. what mitt romney has seen is the upper midwest, michigan and wisconsin, have been moving steadily toward
's not the guy i want. i was in richmond, virginia, when george bush, president number 41, looked at his watch, we were filming it and we had an audience full of people who were watching this. and the minute he looked at his watch, the temperature in that room just went to the floor and collapsed. everybody says, well, he's done the best that he can. he did a nice job. >> and you remember when al gore was walking around in that debate in 2000. >> he was. and we all covered whether he sighed too much. sometimes it gets into criticism. sometimes they make factual errors. president ford said the polls were not dominated by the soviet union. but he almost tied jimmy carter anyway. he came back after that. ronald reagan had one of the worst debate performances ever. in the first debate against walter mondale, his mind drifted on him and he carried 49 states. >> i don't know how they're preparing but we're going to continue talking about this in the days to come. i assume they're doing a 90-minute dress rehearsal, not just doing ten minutes here, ten minutes there because these guys -- it's like a f
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)